Actual Outfits — 06/12/2020 at 11:24

Are black buttons acceptable on white dress shirts?

formal wearWhen it comes to formal wear or informal wear, a white shirt can go with anything and any occasion. However, white dress shirts with black buttons? It is a big NO! Even if black is the best color, if someone wants to wear it with a contrasting color, it is not something that one can have on a nice white shirt.

The best thing about a white shirt is that people like it classic and simple and can make the best impression on other people. It is the most versatile apparel, and it is what people need to have. With the help of different materials in the white shirt, people wear it in different ways. Here are some ways that give proof of the versatility of white shirts.

With jeans

\We all love a nice casual look for different occasions. A white shirt with jeans is a perfect outfit for casual days like a date or a stroll down the market, or just a simple day out with people. It can never be too much, and it just looks perfect.

With a tuxedo

white shirtFor formal looks, people generally prefer a plain white shirt with a black tuxedo, or it can be an all-black look. Either way, you can rock the look, or it will not need much effort too. With the help of such a thing, people tend to ask where they wear that. They can wear such outfits in their official meetings or at a ceremony too.

With shorts

Yes!! With shorts too! Many of you must have seen people wearing printed and flowery shirts with shorts. However, a white shirt can also go with shorts effortlessly.

See how versatile it is? So get one shirt today and avoid black buttons on the white shirt because that definitely is a sin!